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Saturday, November 24, 2007

dying for rest.

the sounds of wailing mad man from the medical side accompanied me thru the nite.
Yup on night again,
and def not a gd one bcuz the eyedrops r sucha killer...

and popped in a trachy patient.

ward's getting bz-ier nowadays...
since ytd, i am feeling sick again
i hope its either i'll feel better tomorrow or
just gimme a jia lat jia lat one once and for all cuz this is too tedious
since its nv full blown and i am feeling so miserable.

planning for a short trip either to phuket or krabi w choonz in dec
since my hanz c/n make it due to exams
plan b is to go w her,
and since she needs clear her leave,
a lil diff now to get the bookings
but will try


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