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Saturday, November 17, 2007

THIS IS bad...

i toss and turn in bed!
I can't slp.
Post night BLUES

My damn pc is pkaying tricks on me!
I can't hear a damn sound when i go on youtube or crunchyroll!





No youtubing
No crunchyrolling
when i can't sleep.

random thoughts**

there are certain issues unresolved
not on my personal part but well, i guess alot of these phases i probably have gone thru and i certainly do not wish to be a sore by having any inputs with regards to the issues but i care alot about how these people feel.

I just hope alls' gonna turn up well for em...
they realised their own worth and they pick emselves up.

Its always easier said than done...
but i rather we looked back and laugh at ur foolishness than living w remorse and regrets.

No one knows what will happen
Yesterday is History
Today's a gift
and tomorrow's a mystery.

treasure today'a gift and
explore tomorrow's mystery
but not dwelling about that damn HISTORY OK...

i LOVE u people...
please love yourself.
Pls mOvE on...


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