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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so many errands so lil time...

i talked like someone is pinching my nose!
bad flu...
dry and persistent cough...


Heard from a friend most staffs in her ward has MRSA...
Well... makes me wonder about our ward since we have alot of these patients b4

have only two off days,
so many things to do,
blame it on myself for cramping it all in a day!

need to get the clinical teaching stuffs done!~
so many to do!

submit the documents to NYP

Meet choonz at chinatown for the trip details!

Complete my teaching stuffs!

Watch my drama!


please gimme more time can?

my friends seems to be avoiding me,
they refused to pick up my call
and reply me or what so ever,

i dun rem doing anything wrong!


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