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Thursday, November 22, 2007

6th dec...

as the date draws nearer, my heart weighs heavier.
The date to SISTER LEE'S Retirement...

her glorious 40 years of nursing.
i may have fought w her umpteen times...
but all these certainly adds on to more memories.
when i look back to e two yrs at work she certainly *spice* up our work!

she called me in today,
asking me for 2 mins of my time to see her citations.
She was preparing for her retirement slides and she showed me so many of her ol photos and glorious moments
she was so proud of herself.

And i was thinking
its really the fact that she is leaving us soon,
very soon,
retirement aint a bad thing just that i hate to deal w this kinda situations...
separations and the biding goodbyes...
i m too sensitive and emo to handle all these
and the last time round when we heard abt it i was like the most worked up
i think we all feel the same but i just couldn't control my easily trickled tears!
and i took awhile to stop...

vijaya commented she hopes she is nt around cuz she won't noe hw to handle too!

and i took 30 mins instead of 2 mins to get out!


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