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Friday, June 01, 2007

Assets Controversy.

it is controversial b'cuz many would disagree what i say or feel.

Assets, i refer to our body. Well, it's pretty well known who know me that i have got a rather huge asset. Not boasting or trying to act really sexy or those bimbotic shit.

Was out w beibz family and my twin perks was made fun of.

Not exactly angry cuz I'm more or less used to it. Used to hate it alot alot. I guess females born with it would most likely find it a hassle. It was the center of attraction and unwanted glares from cheeky uncles was never lacking which i would say the most annoying part...

friends often talk about it, teased about it and i'll just laugh along. But it's only till i grew up then i realised it's not exactly a bad thing and esp having worked in a plastic surgery department, i see many hopeful young ladies coming to do augmentation then i realised i was lucky. I was watching tv today and saw this female celeb coming out to admit that she had a boob job and she always wanted to do it and after that she felt so much more confident.

The argumentative part about this particular topics is
women who are borne with it will feel totally different from women who dun have it.

Women born w it will feel lose confidence when there ARE SO MANY GLARES!

whereas women who r not borne with it will see a great difference in their sex appeal when they recieved more cat calls.....

just my thoughts...

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