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Friday, April 13, 2007


i dunno wats freakin wrong w my hp cables! USB port!~ watever its called! I cant load my new pics, i took "my family photo" yest nite, and one new member on board just nw wanted to show~~~~~ KAOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

i duno wads wads wads so so so wrong ok!

check this out---> http://www.youngupstarts.com/index.php/2007/04/10/of-cups-and-g-strings/ my bf's being featured!! And i took tht pic, aniwae he gt no other many self portraits oso la~

i am constantly a HOT TEMPERED gf but constant sweet one too... surprising him w lil acts! And was complainin tht he sortta stopped and i gt one today! HOHOHO A new member, a keychain cuz he knew the identical mickey mouse one we had is BROKEN! I bought in DISNEYLAND... ex lor. CAN rotate e head and limbs hmph... and i always spoil my keychains, spoit chain, detached frm its watever fragile hook i always blame, or my watver bags and whoever cld have last touched it... and it nv occur to me it just my handS! Or oops maybe i chose to let tht go... and yes he gt a newbie... hoho but he looked fierce... scary, haa... aiya blame it on my pc or my usb watever or my stupid mobile, if nt u will be introduced to my "family members" and pretend u dunno i m nt very gd in erm... computers~ hur hur hur

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Free Graphics - MySpace/Xanga/Friendster


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