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Thursday, April 19, 2007

heavenly cocoa~

made several roundabouts in bugis junction earlier on, tryin to locate where exactly is the cakeshop tht sells the heavenly cakes, coincidentally the name of the shop is called THE ROYAL! Made a few rounds but din see, called up e ward checked w yappie, realised it must hv closed dwn cuz it was nt a cake shop at the supposed location, thn Liza and haj came to bugis so met em, hang ard and thn we all decided to search 4 the heavenly cake shop once more cuz its simply DELICIOUS! Well opened my mouth, asked and realised it has MOVED, hmmm coincidentally, i m goin there to find bei so i went...

it was at a corner which wld most often be un-noticed. Gt the cakes AT LAST, true enuff HEAVENLY!!! HOHOHO Strongly recommend THE ROYAL'S cakes... esp chocolate truffle and MAngo delight! SEDAP!!!

WAITIN for bei to burn the CORNER W LOVE cds 4 me at his hm, bored though... stuck a go1 yo4 plaster on my back... and he is few metres away frm me, singing...


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