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Monday, April 30, 2007

i hv gt no intentions of bloggin today but w regards to the tag, he has tagged!

1stly, if u noe me well, ok nt well oso u'll noe, i get irritated damn easily. Ok there was this Filipino maid, so apparent she is one based on her

  1. pubic hair like texture hair
  2. her outfit
  3. her skin colour

we were walkin along the orchard underpass, the one whre tht particular generation 1 busker blind guy was singing and playin his keyboard, ok thts nt ompt, so there was this maid who seems so damn eager to overtake me, but i wasnt exactly blockin her, i was slow cuz there were way too many ppl... and she gave me this walau eh i cant wait in tagalog kinda face.

ok la... managed to overtake a lil bit but haa.., blocked by this malaysian girl lookalike, cuz she dresses like one... and i had an idea. So i ask my bf who tagged @ sumini on my blog, to walk a lil faster so tht we can go in front of her and block hger all the way, hmmph! A bit hard initially cuz she was fast... haa but luckily still managed to! ACCOMPLISHED AND SATISFIED!

SO my bf just wants me to tell e whole wrld wad stupid brillliant idea i made him do...


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