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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

haa... thts so interesting ya... i actually looked a BOLLYWOOD MALE actor!~ wahahaha...

tht sorta made me smile a lil...

had been reali negative lately, dun feel good abt certain relationship stuffs... nt w my bf but more of frens... def nt ppl who closely follow up w my blog. But i dun feel like naming or specifyin em, but i feel tension btw me and thm and oso distance. I cld be over reacting to certain non verbal cues, well i reali dunno but i cld be too sensitive. But if i m nt being overly sensitive, i feel i shld deserve better treatment than this...

bei said that i m over the top... in terms of feelings... WEll i cld be, aniwaez i shall try nt gonna be bothered by it, def i cant but i will try. I hope its just me.

Charles F. Kettering: Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier

heard frm the Director of nursing we're gonna change our uniform to wht~ sighz i tot green cld stay w me 4ever... my sch uni frm pri till sec sch and wrkplace are all GREEN~


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