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Saturday, April 28, 2007

life's a bitch!

yea... e title explains it off.

cant believe we hang around till 6 am! Slept @ 6.15, did a quick wash and bla and shut my lids damn tight to try to slp!

Sortta celebrated guaz bday, as usual, he was pissed w us again. Well, for nt buying him like @ least a cake. And we did... well i wanted to but cuz i slpt till late and left hm late so din manged to get any stuff. Gt him a cake from TCC, a combie of all e diff flavours into one whole cake... hmmm beautiful neh! DE-LI-CIOUS too...

sang at partyworld... n the damn taxi actually dropped us at those KTV! With Martell signages that kind lor! IDIOT! He thinks we are... and WTH... U mean theother 2 guys are our CLIENTS?! Man! Cant i choose a better straight guy! hik hik hik

will load e pics... soon. Haa cuz there's sth wrong w this freakin unfriendly hp and its usb port! ...

Well was supposed to hang around clarke quay and try out the FASHION BAR... guessed we wasted too much time @ the mac... but we finally tried the DRIP DRINK @ clinic. The ugly ang mo FAKE nurses werent around ytd due to some promo shit they were havin according to the waitress, and phew... i cant stand their ugly kinky uni! But then again the resident waitress suck as bad! She was like askin hw many glasses we need... askin the bloody obvious! 5 ppl! Then ah bo! And she primes the damn drip, kept pressin the filter part... stupid! And well... i kept quiet la... and the most irriatated thingy is she wasted some of our drinks! Hmph...


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