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Monday, April 16, 2007

RANDOM updates

i lost my EZ LINK card for real! A/W eb's reply re: ? dropped in her car!

weekend passed by in a breeze... for the 1st time again after so long, i managed to take a train to work early in the mornin on sat! LIL Xavier is BORN!

Was supposed to go visitin, ended up in coma... slpt like a log!

Finally made up w GUAZ... well he initiated it...

Met up w e ol' pallies again... back to e usual stuff. HK CAfe and nonsense... but i'm happy... sensitive no more~

visited e new born xavier at sembawang, carried him, changed his pampers and fed him! SATISFACTION cuz i handled it all @ ease! AHEM...

DAMN, accordin to my mum and dad, there will be shutdwn of water supply tomolo! NO H2O... bei said i can go his hse and bathed... hahaha we'll see...

gt a FREE ride frm this std nurse's bf haha... KOOL!

e ol' pallies keeps disturbing bei... they keep callin him BAOBEI AND BEI HAA...


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