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Friday, September 28, 2007

mini re-juvenation

totally hate the *morning SICKNESS*.

Unusually different is i do not experience the usual nauseating

Have u ever felt like dying when your alram clock just wouldn.t stop irritating u?
Have u ever felt like u wish u could just ignore and sleep happily away.

I totally feel like quitting my job when i wakes up in the morning dreading waking up!
That explains HOW--------------------------------- MUCH i hate MORNING SHIFTS!

I wish SISTER reads my blog.. just for this entry tho.

Felt a lil more REJUVENATED!
REACHED HM ay 5 pm, slept throughout my bus journey,
and went to nap.
Slept a total of 4 hours!
I'm not sure if my hp has gt some probz or that i totally cannot hear my phone ringing!
Regretted it tho cuz i would have prob sleeping later cuz i am MORNING AGAIN TILL SATURDAY!

but a lil lazy to go down novena square,

his birthday is round the corner,
haven thought about what to get for him.
Gonna have a small bbq and get a few good friends for a lil get together session

excited bt BBQ tho,
cuz i rem the last time i went chalet few months back, the birthday party did not have a bbq session just catered buffet and the whole time i was gawking at the neighbour's pits salivating!

i hope my friends would come too...
just to bbq, perharps we can start a mahjong session! WINKZ

Oh ya, OFFICIALLY thank HANZ for the HP chain.

HAA, i gotta a MARIO hooked on my DS LITE!!!

http://royalcakes.com---> try it HALAL!

Well, if u have watched JUST SHOOT 3, u would have seen the episode with Xiaxue and Steven Lim.

And it actually storms off another controversy,
between DASmond Koh AND XIAXUE!

in my opinion, i think DASmond Koh is HARD Up FOR blog publicity!
Well, he's an erm ARTISTE lor!
He could have easily talk to some iweekly or 8 days magazine reporters and get em to write his addy!

If u had watched the show and read their blogs, and also u do not hate Xiaxue, u would prolly find his DISGUSTING.

hE WAS asking for her to link him from her blog on tv and the next moment he actually writes something nasty abt her!
So bitchy right!

NO wonder not so famous now.


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