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Saturday, September 06, 2008

my oh my!

i just watched 4BIA with beibz and hanz!


i was all wrapped up
and i felt suffocated throughout the entire show
cuz i covered my mouth with my jacket's hood
and i used my hands to mask part of my vision...

covering my eyes revealing a smaller screen makes me feel more at ease
and when those irritating scares comes along
u won't be too shocked!

i am always a fan of horror flicks
yet a total chicken in the cinema
many times
i am one of the few who screams

yes very paisei i know!

but then again
this film is made up of 4 short stories
somehow linked in a small way
i read the reviews that its worth the value
since u see 4 parts in one movie
but i give this movie 2 thumbs up man!

i enjoyed!

Mr Hanz is damn lucky for his IPOD which was lost few weeks back
at Mac was still at Mac
tho he hasn't retrieved,
its pretty much cfm the staff kept it

he told me that when he lost it
its like fallen outta love

now he has patched up w his wife!


tmr's afternoon shift
with a few nice friends
looking 4ward!

Thank U Ma Ma Riam for the change!


this HK CAFE game is quite fun
a lil like diners dash
if u know whats that...
basically prepare dishes ordered and serve

gotta sleep now
haven sleep well lately

haven even uploaded the pics taken from my new cam
will do so soon
still trying to figure out the interesting functions!

One Last Thing,
MY DS LITE IS back to life
i got a new R4
And luckily games are downloaded for by the seller

i can play those few games i like first
till someone's free to load new games for me...


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