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Sunday, September 21, 2008

what about mine?

attended his cousin's wedding dinner
at Raffles Town Club
nice interior

food so so...
was asked to do a survey like the other time round at Holiday Inn
gave rather frank feedback
like satisfactory service felt
and would appreciate if drinks are readily served or topped up and all
which was lacking alot alot
my glass was empty
and felt paisei to ask her for more

the dinner was rather boring
attending such dinners makes me wonder what will mine be like
have got many thoughts and plans about it
just not enough funds to get it going

i promise mine will not be so boring
but then again

seeing the bridesmaid torture the bridegroom and brothers

makes me wonder what my entourage of sisters will do

i wanna be a sister too
have a feel of how its gonna be like
i haven gotten the chance
and i hang out with guys more than girls

and the girls i know are not ready to settle down yet


seeing the couple lock arms drinking champagne,
or rather sipping

i whispered to beibz saying if its me,
hardcore alcoholic

i will probably drink up the entire glass
and turn the glass over to prove i've finished the entire glass!

after that we went dempsey for drinks
i am dying for more drinks man
i wanna cheap and yummy drinks

i must go back dbl o someday
to whack on cheap shooters and pops!

dare not drink much
i am sick
my bad throat is giving me problem again
lost my voice yet again
this time round
no bad cough
but i have a spike of fever just now...

hopefully i am fine
and i can go cycling w ur highness/ah ter tmr

tmr's my off
blessing in disguise
i requested wrongly a day shift as i tot the dinner was tmr
she gave me off

but it turned out to be today!
luckily i have got a morning shift!


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