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Saturday, September 13, 2008

another bad news...

yet another bad news today
my colleague's husband is sick

these bad news is affecting me quite badly
i can understand their feelings
for when my father was sick
i was really really sad
and i literally cried everyday
when i see him, i cry
when others asked about him i cry too

i sincerely pray for their well- being

a friend once said:

"when u are in your early twenties
u attend lots of 21st birthday parties.
Then when u reached late twenties, u attend wedding dinner...

thirties, u go for baby's one month celebrations...

and forties, funerals of friends' parents or even unfortunately, friends."

i hate this life cycle
yes i know its inevitable
but i find it hard to accept.

the misfortune around the world,
around us, makes me really really sad

i don't dare to visit my friend
i am so scared i will break down
cuz i hate to see people at their vulnerable state

to anyone who read this,
please pray for them

they can fight the battle physically
we can assist them spiritually
and emotionally...

all these is making me really really depressed...


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