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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wall- E

thats WALL-E and gf, EVA!


watched it last nite at hub
i dun really like it
firstly i aint a fan of such movies
say i have no childhood its fine w me!

and then the storyline can get quite absurd along the way
esp when they went to another planet!

WALL-E himself is cute
those scenes with him on earth and clearing rubbish are cute
but i got bored, so so bored and irritated after he left earth!

this is a brand new layout
i got it by default
i added the links myself
a lil messy
but good try!

i slept at 5am plus
and woke up at 9!

Bloody hell!

Going out w NAY NAY
and maybe Choh Hoon at nite...

Here's a gd book to recommend to all my nurse friends!

A true story based on this writer, Tilda's experience in ICU
She is a nurse in Toronto
and she writes about some incidents that happened during work
and basically about her work la...

its a good book
i lent mine to Zila and she is hooked now


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