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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not too good

no time to blog
or rather no mood to do so

just had a filling supper with beibz
we had prata
sweet of him to come down and accompany me for supper

and hearing my laments

the good news are
my friend's getting better
she looks better than last few days
and my colleague's husband is better too
most likely he doesn't need any adjuvant therapy which is a relief

looks like i am falling ill
ever since i lost my voice few mths back
my voice have never regained
and now i m losing it again

no sore throat tho...
had a really bad headache today
but was scared to eat panadol
as i got an email saying Paracetamol stays in ur body for 5 yrs!
harmful and toxic to liver and all!

it says 100PLUS aids
not so lei...

another bad thing is our cable box fused!
and we cant watch cable now
so gotta get it exchanged tmr...

if i can wake up early!

vivo city...

i am currently watching a new drama
which is damn addictive

and i am hoping to catch another one which apparently was the latest hit!

i caught a few episodes on cable
and its quite nice
but i got no time to watch

i have been hanging out alot with my old frens from sec sch
and i have been quite happy
these people make me feel at ease
and i certainly do not have to be wary of what i say
or be sensitive to my actions

sometimes i hate it when i dunno what wrong did i do
and people start to get angry or hurt or offended
and i hate to be so cautious and careful
so that people wont get hurt and all

its hard not to behave like how i usually behave
the best is talk less
and less hurt will be inflicted

if by talking less
yet still hurting others
i really am speechless...

what to do?
its just so hard to put into words how i feel

today i got my results
dun feel anything
kinda regretted taking up this specialty
i should have taken up med-surg
it can def. aid my future choices better than this

liza asked me to take up degree next year
i am still considering
a lil too soon
cuz i am not ready to bury myself in books
yet if i can complete it earlier
its better

but i got so much plans for next year...


so many things on my mind


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