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Friday, September 26, 2008

F1 Here i come!

I am going to the F1
tmr i am going w Beibz to the practice session

No doubt its the practice session only,
i am equally THRILLED!

No inspiration to blog lately
no interesting topics to blog about

Work has been the same
sometimes happy with myself
sometimes not

Had been extremely proud of myself last few days
which i shall not further elaborate why

today was Guaz's Nitez Out
and we met up at AMK MOS
And we headed to ARCADE for some games

when we turned out heads,
his eye lid region puffed up like mad!

It was so swollen
it was like a mosquito bite
and a really big bite

and there a few of it around the lids

and he looked so weird
and different!
The idiotic him
when we asked him to hurry wash his face
he still was heasitant
claming he had his concealer on
and needed make up remover!

We accompanied him to the dr
who said it was a allergy reaction

very tempted to post his powerpuff pic!~

will do so SOON!
STay tune!

this was taken yesterday
our "picnic" at ecp
we ended up gobbling up the food in the car
then cycled
we went to the most distal end of ecp

we met up with some fuckers too

First was this bitch
3 of us were cycling in sync
like the same row
and this two ladies were walking
then lady a pulled lady b aside
trying to let her know we were coming up

and lady b was so irritated and
said like whats wrong lor
the road is so big bla bla
and that was for joggers or walkers or whatever u call it

i din ring the bell to ask her to excuse!
i had wanted to slow down and go behind my friends
and it was her fren who pulled her away!
i did not intend to ask her go away!

and i was pissed
i shouted i did not ask u to move lor
its ur fren!


then on our way back to the rental bike place
this tattoo man was blading damn fast
and EB somehow blocked his way
and he was like

walau eh
SO slow siam la...

something like that!

EB shouted back too

it wasn't a good day to cycle
since we met up with such shitty assholes!

i am trying to upload a video to youtube
taking a long time
hopefully it succeeds!

had to cancel my meeting with my classmates tmr for the F1 thingy
sorry man

they will go ahead


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