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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

its all in the past...

i made the first move
and we are fine

it was just some small issues
that could have been solved way back
but i dunno whats pulling us back

but many a times
i believe we all had wanted to talk to each other
and update one another and stuff...

i am glad its over
we are back to normal


i so love this song!

today i woke up at 7AM
was damn late for my morning shift
which starts at 7!

took cab
which i so dun wanna take
peak charges

early part of shift was fine
except a family of irritants

then came admissions
with meds to start
and running to and fro pharmacy
borrow stuff
did admission

but it was ok
it was done

just wondering why are there ppl
who FLOAT ABOUT the entire morning with nothing much



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