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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

have u ever...

have u ever felt like the whole world is disappointed in u...
u are of no use to the society
or people around u dun really like u

when u constantly feel scared when u are in a world of unfamiliarity?!
u wonder
u worry about how they judge u

is that depression?

feeling quite down these few days
in fact lousy
esp my face in that lousy state

i wished everyone stops looking at my face
and stop commenting about it...

i hate the mirror!

totally in HOLIDAY MOOD
the postings are way too boring!
esp level 3~

PR skills not so gd
therefore diff to blend in...

its finishing
at least next week i am going to level one
i probably can do a lil more that level 3

talking about completion of studies
brings about apprehension
i dunno what others will expect of me

which makes it really dreadful
and once again
i will start my brand new tied down experience with SGH
one i never had b4

2 years may be fast
in a blink of an eye
like how 2007 and half of 2008...

i wished for many good times
to come...


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