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Thursday, August 14, 2008

i wished i have more to share...

the posts are getting quite negative
less complaints about things i encounter
about irritating ppl i see...

its filled with my sadness i feel...

its hard to put into words exactly how i feel right now
like i always say
nothing major happened
yet the minute things happening day in day out
makes me think alot
makes me reflect alot
makes me upset alot too...

i know myself
the many many imperfections of me makes many unhappy
perhaps throughout my life journey,
i have hurt many many
i have made many felt unworthy or upset

all these that i do on others
i somehow can feel it too...

once more
i am constantly appraising my actions
my thoughts
and my feelings

i know i just have to be less nasty
less naughty
less rude
more sensitive
and more accepting

sometimes i wonder
all those that we have done
does not out weighs our mistakes?

its really really diff for me to say how i feel
what happened
or even why like this

but its the many lil things that makes up the big picture that i am super puzzled with...

tomorrow will be a better day
i know people who accept me for who i am will accept me as i am!


i wished people can stop commenting about how i looked RIGHT NOW
i know
i know its really really bad

if i have control over it
i wouldn't bloody looked like this now

guess u may not know it
u may not feel it
i may have hurt u
but u hurt me more than i did

my doings is not as bad as ur sayings

thanks for telling me
but i looked in the mirror many many many times per day
i know i have a face FULL OF PIMPLES!


its depressing enough to develope acne at such latent stage of my life
since puberty was like 14 years ago!~?

having to go thru what i went thru during my teenage years is bad enuff
having frequent yaks about my current complexion!

fuck la
u know many many developed depression due to ACNE!
i read it from the net
and some forums la..

no one i know personally tho
but speaking for myself
i think i am going bonkers
or depress pretty pretty soon

since the family of acnes just keeps reproducing like they are answering the callings of our gov!

i have already tried my best to curb the massive reproductions
the birth rates are just beyond my control

yet at such demoralizing stage of my life
where i feel upset and all with things that i have done

i get more worked up
and more upset
when people ask about my face
talk about my face
and even suan me about my face

fuck fuck fuck fuck it lor!

say i am over reacting
say i am petty

wait till u get a face full of pimples
gather the troops of concerned friends we call it
and start doing a wonderful head count of the acne and family

tell me how u feel
from the bottom of ur heart!



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