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Monday, August 04, 2008

fun times...

met up with the peeps i grew up with
had perspiring hot times walking in town

had Katsu Katsu for dinner
and 4 of us headed to Kovan for a bowling game
it was fun!

we drove to Eb's old place at Mei Hwan
mingled around the neighborhood
talking about the good ol times
when we were raving hot blooded teens

the park we used to go
her dogs
her parents
her neighbours

tmr's the start of our optional posting
some regrets having made the choice to Level 3
but then again
time flies

last two weeks of postings
a final week of campus life
and shoo!

off we go
already recieved a sms from SGH re: Orientation Programme on 25TH Aug

hOPING i can really visit KL
Fri's a looking 4ward day
FIR's concert

on my way back
when EB was about to drop me
at the bus stop
this old lady was sitting there
at 1.30 am...

i said she was scary
EB agreed
and i said i am scared to get off there and walk to the life
and she start to step on the pedal
and while accelerating
eb says she turn and look at us!

this time...
this hour

we ended up turning into the carpark
and had a long talk
about life and stuff...

and now 3am!
i am damn sad
cuz my bro is injured from a soccer match just nw
on MC for 2 days


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