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Sunday, August 31, 2008


School's out...
the MOST HAPPY thing is...

when i log on the computor,
i need not check my mails for new attachments groupmates may send
need not research on stuff that's to discussed
can find more time to do more you tubing, mob tv-ing
and face booking...

but i somehow forsake blogging
mainly bcuz this current skin is always giving problems
i have difficulty logging in
always gtta log in from others' blog
an the layout dun encourage photo uploads
it will be cut off.

had a fulfilling week i would say
yesterday was BUSY
an independent staff

yet the Sat was rather chaotic
everyone was us were occupied with our team of work
and i would say
i kinda appreciate the team on Saturday

all the independent co workers
who does their own work and not call out for this and that to
do this and that...

resorted to eating discharged patients food w Angeline

and after the passing over
most of us walked over to housemen for a more satisfying brunch
except Mariam
who was too overwhelmed with the dressing she did!

i went home, took a short nap
went Suntec to meet the guys
and WOW
its damn crowded lor

i wonder if the prices from Comex are really THAT cheap
and everyone just gotta toll along a trolley w Printer

SO MANY OF EM somemore!

Went ECP for HK cafe
Breeze Bar for drinks and songs

and ZZZ

I may not have as much weekends off as what i have the early part
of the year

i miss the off days on weekdays
where i need not squueze w the crowd for shopping

i am off on WED AND THUR TOO!

Now its
You Tubing
Mob Tv



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