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Sunday, August 17, 2008

the weekends went off in a whirlwind too

just like all the weekends for the entire 8 months...
next weekends marks the final weekend for me as a full time student.

SURE gonna miss the good ol' days sleeping
and hanging out late.

the past 3 days were spent catching up with ol' friends
it was great!

we had joy
we had fun
we had seasons in the sun

we discovered new kinky lame jokes
and also each and everyone's signature tagline!

had a nice time in a dessert bar located at holland v- lorong liput.

its called 2 am Dessert bar...

great place to chill
and nice ambience i feel la
great desserts!

we had a great time sipping tea
and cracking jokes!

one more day to his return!
my homewrk are left undone!~


i am slpy now too
gonna catch a nap


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