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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

lantern festival?~

Today well is a full moon day hahaha.... lantern festival! HAHA where everyone sits by the moonlight and view the round moon and lit candles and carry lanterns... back in the gd old sec sch days... i rem i alwiz look 4ward to this day and aft sch i will planned w my frens and go dwn to bishan park and 'burn' the place dwn ya!!! haha those were the days!

well looks like i've surpassed that era and nw i just cant be bothered actualli! Not say i din try la but i tot of askin my frens out but guess wat once again i ve gt test tomolo just like my o levels where i had my f&n exams! haha but thn i haven even look thru my bk! Wah the !!! hahaha

But somehw the memories were rather fond haha and i wldnt mind just sittin dwn w my close frens and yak under the moon abt the gd old days
i met up w my sec sch frens, guaz, jing and liping
haha just like teh past we spent our time in mos burger our fave joint bk thn and talk lor w the specific and particular order ICE MILK TEA !!! HAHA love it man... think amk mos still has the best milk tea among all mos joints. Boring sia talk abt this haha....

found out jing patched bk w her bf AGAIN! haha.... jus like what i had gone thru in the past... is this something that just cant be avoided in relationships nowsdays! r cuples gonna argue like mad and brk off out of anger yet patch bk again aft one party starts whispering sweet nothings t u??? haiz... I nt tryin to target anione but i seriously feel this way, i noe wads its like... tearin and wailin hw badly... complainin abt hw ur bf/gf is realli anooyin yet deep dwn inside u still c/n bear to leave em!!! R u used to em or r u reali in love? Pls get this rt and proceed... dun waste anione's time! We dun hv another 5 yrs to spare ya cuz we r prob an old hag by thn! And i truel believe in retribution! If u dun treat one well... it WILL come bk to u i m serious!1 Seen a few true life experiences happenin and i think we shld all heed this advice and beware!!! haha sopunds devilsh.. will anione read this and agree w mi??? i reali dunno... haha just tryin to share my thoughts abt this haha

notice that the guys and gals in class have been raher stress up over wrk! Take care frens!


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