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Monday, September 06, 2004

mY dAy!?

tOday is liKE THE 1st day of sch aft a wk's hol! As usual this wk i s spent like lazing ard and wrkin!!!.... as usual, i wasnt present 4 patricia's lt! haha i bet the warning letter is on the way liao ya!

damn tomolo gtta wrk again at suntec... relationships w the rest are in the midst of developin but still somehw prefer GPZ...

HEHE... went bk GPZ on sun and they are soooooo nice!!! tHay called mi dwn to eat the cooked stuff by aunty and they all exclaimed that they missed mi!!! *WINK WINK* Lao Da even offered to be my sugar daddy!! whooh hoo!!! hahahaa... i drank like a sugar cane drink and the uncle remembered mi... and thn ice milk tea in two hrs and had to run to he toilet!!! Cuz my bladder was so full! Was called a water barrier 4 that later on!! hehe indeed!


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