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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

damn it!

I m sinkin into depression... REALLY! Cuz i m like tearing every nw and thn!!! Just like this morning, i was late 4 tut cuz someone told mi the wrong class and SOMEONE actualli said bcuz i spent my time talkin in class and nv listen to wat the lecturer says! I M PISSED! I was teary and i think wendy saw mi and ran aft mi and ask if i was alrt but i was too depressed to ans her and i just locked myself in the toilet cubicle!

Thn again for my pract test i FAILED! And i cried too obviously! Is it stress i reali dunno! but i was reali devastated! haiz... knew i wasnt competent enuf but just cln take it! Lecturer commented tt i wasnt focus and i looked like i just wanna get this over and done! IS it true????

i think all my wrk is goin dwnhill! WHAT the hell man wads wrong w mi!!! Gosh! i wanna go bk to who i used to be!!! HELP!!!

MY tears are just like a tap!!! And it just simply flows non stop!


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