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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

pay day!!

well well well.. today is the 7th and its pay day... still considering if i shld get myself a new phone??????

haiz... limited budget ya!!! Haiz... saw my new manager for the first time today and realli petite lady and she seems reali nice..... hehehehe... hopefulli she is reali what she seems to be la...

went lookin ard 4 clothes but to no avail man! what the hell... aniwae will prob go c c tomolo... seriously nid to update my wardrobe...

ate alot today man... wht the!!!! haha met diana online and had a nice shrt chat! hehe we both missed gpz damn much and she even says she regretted leaving! haha... see i m nt the onli one who missing gpz!!! cuz its reali a niceeeeee place!

hopfully the lao da hum k remember to help mi print my name and also bring the book tt he is supposed to lend mi!!!! if nt arrrrghhhhhhhh....................

okok... shall update again....!!! haha


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