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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

code BLUE!!!

HAHA today dorothy wasnt present to teach us in the skills class and so... mdm chin was here and guess wat!!! Surprisingly, it was quite fun! haha we were practising our emergency--- code blue thingy and were divided into 4 grps and all of us laughed out damn loudly!!! hehe... esp MIMI... he was supp to be a dr and thn the way he shouted CLEAR was like an ah beng dr man!!! haha... and to think mas and mimi actualli fixed the viva bag together which means 2 viva bags!!! HAHA... all of us were so nervous and all the procedures were mixed up and all of us were like a blur cock!!! HEHE n james was actin like a pro dr but actualli he gave the wrong med!!! But we had fun la... oops sorrie dorothy but i must say it was the best this sem!!!

Some ppl are just so full of emself!! i hate it man... i cnat stand the way they act and hw smart they think they are and hw efficient they see themselves as!!! Until like u mean nothing to em!!! Waht the fuck!!! SOrrie 4 tht but i simply hate it!!! PC OF SHIT! Nv respect ppl's hard wrk... and yet still wanna indirectly comment! Wat the! Oh man!!! Enough of that man!!

HEHE went PS today and finaaly gt the bk frm lao da.... and wanted to catch a movie but thn hor no more tix! Damn!!! HAIz... but THE B4-- BEAUTIFUL 4 --- CHIOB---> CHoonz, PrETTy--> PeiFen, GorgEOUs---> MI!!! YEpo---> cHUyun... haha we wnt ajisan and had ramen there... wow damn nice... the 2nd time we visited ther and we r still lovin it haha... and we talk abt our kena molested past experiences there and as usual LOL and in case u dunno whn we r together and start LOL together.. it is thunderous!!! HAHA... everyone look at us and shake their heads!!

thn went shoppin 4 gifts... finally managed to get the items... alrt... it was after all a quite okok day la.... byez


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha...u are gorgeous?

17 October 2004 at 6:11 PM  

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