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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

thanks 4 those comforting wrds... it was veri appreaciated. Guess it was just my DWNS days again whn i blogged e prev post. Things r pickin up a lil bit... thou slow but at least i see progress...

i rem i was tellin christy n thn i realised hw much i missed e prev ward... yes say i m still dwelling over it but i reali cant help it... e prev ward was like wad god's gift to me. I have always wanted to go into this specilaity... Dm n endoocrine n stuffs and i was there 4 some intense training. I was thrilled... but guess its smashed whn i gt into another ward. Feelin kinda lost like cuz suddenly u realised ur dreams r harder to achieve n to think i was so near nw so far.

Thn Lala came along n asked me hws everything n made me realised hw sad i m ... hw lost i was... hw stress i m too... ya call me emo or call me siao but thn i reali cant help it man... i teared... maybe cuz its him who asked me... @ e moment i wished he was here, rt beside me. HAIZ... i was so scared someone like my mummmy or bro will walked in and asked me wads wrong...

but thn things r reali pickin up... thts unavoidable whn we do sth new... someone told me it cld be a blessing in disguise n i veri much hoped tht it will be one... tryin my best to pick up evertg as fast as possible n thn i guessi will be fine reali...


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