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Friday, June 17, 2005

so bad...

started wrk on the 13th n its almost a wk... sadly and half expexted it i cant go bk to e ward i was in 4 prcp... gt in 63p, a plastics surgey ward... @ first i tot this was goin to be interestin but my postin there gave me a shock. Total cultural shock! 1st day u get ppl comin n complasinin and warnin u abt the sisters... demoralising aint it! N thts the first time in my nursing life besides yr one 1st postin tht i dun understand a single diagnsis read! Eveytin sounds alien to me... damn all e routines and job scopes differs frm general ward settin! I m reali gonna die...

i tried to help but thn nothin much 4 me cuxz they noe i m new and cant assign much to me... they dun reali touch on junior stuffs and they r nt comfy w ppl taggin along w em... sister says she is watchin me cuz she expects me to learn and pick up fast but thn.. donnin on e grn uniform, in a total distant speciality, a greater responsibilities n higher expectations yet no proper and intense guidance hw m i goin to pick up fast? I m stressed reali reali scared...

wad to do i dunno... reali dunno! I took almost 4 wks to famillarise w e prev ward routines n fuctions nw i hv to start over again n i m no longer a std.... things dun seem to wrk too well... sinkin into e fear kingdom n suffocating frm intensifyin stress n pressure! Nursing sure aint glam!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dun worri..everyone has difficulty during e start. Move according to ur most comfortable spd & dun hav to bother bout ppl hum ask u to b fast. since u r able to adapt within 4wks..watmore nw --> 3Mths.. slowly man..tis is oni e 1st wk.. Dun compare urself w/ others. No poInt. Juz noe whre u r..

18 June 2005 at 3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-Grace- Hey gal... i am in the same position as you... i did not get back the same ward that i wanted to... but hey... u dun have to be demoralised! Although you are in a totally new different ward, at least you have one knowledge gained more than others (in a way, right) You just need time to get used to it. All new staffs need time, and that goes the same for me. Dun give in to pressure, just do some reading up(this is what i am doing) on your ward and you would be better than others in a few weeks time. Slow and steady always win the race one okie... yea?:) Take care... *hugs* i know you will do fine.

19 June 2005 at 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey gal,

Nothing to worry about. Just take it easy and keep on smiling. Have faith in yourself. You have trained for 3 years. You have the knowledge and it will take sometime for all of it to be routinize. It is time for you to fly.. KISS KISS

28 June 2005 at 2:30 PM  

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