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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Late CNY greetings!

the past few days were jam packed

as in to the extent that i was too tired to even sit down and update

i caught 3 movies in three days straight...
more or less completed the CNY 'MUST WATCH' shows

this year, was highly irritated by my father
he is CRAZY
he spoils our festive mood mega-ly!

He pissed me off on Eve,
1st day
2nd day!

and he thinks he is a young boy we gotta coax and hoax~

counted my ang bao money,
drastically dipped in values!
i got half of what i usually recieved which is quite sad

the visiting,
the young ones have all grown up
the youngest cousin i have is already wayyyyyyyyy taller than most of us
and the small cousin boy my mum took care of when he was a baby is in army!

time flies

the 4 cousins of my age, we used to play with those fire crackers and ultra stupid games, no longer sit around and wait for others to start the black jack session,
instead we rose to the mahjong seats! mahjong at my uncle's place used to be dominated by the older ones...

looking at us play just makes all of em realised we have all grown up
looking at my uncles and aunties, they have aged

i dun really enjoy the visiting
i dunno what to talk about with em
hence the best is to sit tite
cuz everyone is after ur 'hot sofa seat'!

i caught kungfu dunk on cny eve with him and his siblings
not too bad in e beginning
towards the end, it kinda got lame and bored
and i fell asleep
Jay chou proves to be average looking when he stands along the other actors

i would say only 3 stars

I watch CJ7 on
1st day of CNY
among the three shows i watched, this is the best
Stephen Chow is good

and the lil boy in the show can act really well
the whole plot is engaging, the flow is good
the storyline is well defined and more appealing
one part of e show brought me to tears!

4 stars (must watch)

i watched this ytd
i think e worst of his recent movies
besides Mark lee funny rendition of the sissy which resembles our bestie so much
and some lil small funny acts
the whole plot is quite sian

i think Jack Neo should take a rest
and that Lao Zar bor's acting sucked!
scences where Fann wong was attacked, she can still smile and so prepared for the cam~

2.5 stars


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