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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

a song to share

i just saw e re-run of s-pop on tv
Dreamz FM was on it
and they sang live
DAMN good! in particular the main vocal for this song!
he was pitch perfect live!

Apparently he does back up for a*mei concerts
and i chose this mv cuz there's not images of e band
as u might find to hard to appreciate this song if u look at the original mv

CNY eve

almost ready
just that lil more cleaning up to complete
i totally regretted e manicure session iwent on sunday
my nail colour are falling off due to the housework

yesterday during our last tutorial,
we were supposed to talk about how we felt the whole day
and we were given handouts with diff faces and descritons
so this lady volunteered to share w e class hers

she started out like, " Today, when i left my house, i felt BRIGHT. But i was disgusted by something i witness this morning during lecture. And now i am exhausted after the rushing t0 and fro classes..."

this moment, many seems to feel e same, and they felt equally disguted...
i was like, hmmmm i attended all e classes today but i dun seem to understand what they meant!~

so e lecturer probed further, they spoke up
then i turned to this gal next to me and asked her what happened
apparently i missed a good show

something indeed happened b4 lecture
which i was late la... hur hur
and the whole cohort of students were pissed!
after lecture, i rem sumini expressing her hatred for this lecturer too
but i din understand why she was so angry


IN the end...
instead of tutorial proper
all laments poured in!

many many many many many comments were made
and many many many many issues were raised!

but it was not exactly ugly situation
Dr chow was really nice and understanding
she tried to explain to us some whys
and she wrote down some feedbacks we gave and will f'up

but the session was funny
cuz my classmates hadd interactive conversations with Dr Chow which made us burst out into laughters! But, i believe school rules are inevitable however, they shouldn't be so nasty to us... and like my classmate mentioned,

when she approached one lecturer to help when her card had problem scanning her attenance, the lecturer doubted her
and she was like in her mercy cuz she needed the attendance~

but in actual fact she was indeed present


thats the problem with nurses
nursing... women, old women, problems and more problems!


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