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Monday, February 11, 2008

holidays rock!

its 4 days in a row
enjoyed myself

been feeling very tired these 4 days but
i am happy

since i started working,
for 3 years, i did not have the chance to enjoy cny holidays!
no doubt there's worries abt my homework ahem

i let down my hair and play real hard!
today we went visiting to our ol' friends' houses

time flies!
photos soon

this 4 days
i totally did not even peeked at my projects and assignments!

and i am feeling oh so tempted for more mahjong sessions!
i won quite a bit throughout the gambling sessions

heh heh heh

and this is def the season to put on weight!
to think i was trying hard to lose some for the clothes last week
and now i got it back!


today supposed to visit sister lee
but too bad i got plans
and i missed it
saw mariam's pics
looks fun
sigh... miss the ppl, the laughters

v-day is coming
no plans yet
on the actual day itself, its prayer day for us
so i won;t be free.

we will probably celebrate earlier
and my facebook has like sooooooooooooooooo many new pending requests!


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