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Monday, February 04, 2008

my amazing discoveries back then...

i am so busy these few days!
weekends left in a breeze,

partial goals met only
i managed to get my room like neater that tad lil bit
i only have the book shelf and computer table to clear b4 i can sit back and relax
while THE LUNAR NEW YEAR crawls in...

i made amazing discoveries of my teenage years!!!

i am a hard core shopaholic~
i cleared my wardrobe,
cleared so many clothes

i spent a BOMB these years...
its not so good to keep wanting to catch up with the current styles
i am not so stylish to that extent but i love clothes and more of it

which is e only girlish trait i hold :(
and i so love the shopping bags i got on purchase
and while i was arranging em...

i found some MEMORIES...

*recollecting then...*

this is so OL'SCH!
warner bros...

the tweety, taz, slyvester we used to oh so adore!
the wisma outlet that topshop is standing now...
i used to buy stupid keychains, mugs/glasses and get really excited with this paperbag... and i love the tee there... it was like a trend back then to own 1!

see, i went the extent of purchasing a paperbag with these characters
and i used to bring on days with art classes- for my art folio!


singtel used to call themselves HELLO SHOP...
i c/n recall how i got this
maybe purchase of a PAGER?

i really missed those days...

marche(heeren) is Village now
i celebrated my birthday there years back
they got me a huge cake and we can't finish so we ta bao
and i got this
tip top condition still

the festive collections...

not exactly classic 'hits'
but its anticipating each year looking at their themes and designs for the seasons
i would try and get sth, just to get one of each diff designs haha boliao


MY fave brand and fave prints
a WONDERFUL collaboration!


u may find it unbelievable
but all these are mine!

for the record,
i wasn't exactly so wide back then
i am not the skinny ones but fleshy still

i slept quite a bit during lectures today
i am just too tired
when i got home,
i sort of completed the important tasks
i was a lil helpless to what i should do now

there are still assignments
but those are the ones i totally dun understand

so i cannot start!

i am sinking in the *festive mood* already
picture myself, slump at the couch
munching the new yr goodies, sipping fanta orange and switching channels!

today, the bio lecturer asked like what are we gonna do in e coming long weekend
some replied like studying!

i was like...

i wouldn't be so superficial to say these
i def will not be studying while others are visiting
or bring my books or notes along to house visits right!

some mentioned that its only 8 mths bla bla
sigh... w.t.h
kiasu people!

i can understand if non-chinese doing their self studies
as there are not much entertainment during cny
but we, chinese!~

then this dr says,
we should enjoy...
well i think i will!

i already got my programmes lined up!



we will talk about the stress after cny


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