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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i need to shop!

i am like ever in need of new clothes
i dun have enough pretty clothes!!!
why so?
beats me?

girls never seem to have enough bags, clothes, shoes!


going bowling with some friends if no one aeroplane
i am like cracking my head on what to wear!

sometimes i wish i am from UK
i love fashion labels there

i esp Heart Topshop
i dun mind spending more...
i guess the range of sizes is why i like it too...

cracking cracking cracking!

what to wear tmr!!!

i am putting on so much weight that my old clothes i cant fit in!
another damn factor!

anyway beibz made reservations to try this charcoal steamboat at Marina Barrage

i heard alot ppl talking abt this place
its i think a new reservoir and they are developing this place for some sea sports as well as water supply

i miss travelling
i miss annual leave
i miss TAIPEI
and the WEATHER!

and these 2 food especially!!!

ya i haven talk abt this pic
we were at TAIPEI 101
the tallest building i think in the world
and the view is beautiful!

so they have this tv which shows tourists taking pictures
we stood around and view like most of the pictures
its screen saver like that on the pc screen
and i saw someone else' on FB b4
and i told the rest i wanted to take this

and we combine some of our ideas with and inspire from some of what we saw
and came up with the above pose!
its damn hilarious!

the making of it is on FB!

SOME of em already got it framed!
and beibz printed it in Magnet form

and i was joking to the rest
i will do a mug merchandise
and one can do a puzzle one
or towel



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