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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Majolica Majorca

the line of makeup is pretty new to the local market
in fact it is by Shisido
and the main target group are teens in Japan

But i have been really hooked to their products
i used their mascara first
and its damn good!

and the casing for all their products are so pretty!

this is their commercial

and their website is really pretty!


the 1st product i tried was the mascara
cuz i saw this program in taipei and they taught u how to make ur lash really long and thick and pretty

i actually use the maybelline xxl one first
and the

step 3, i use the majolica's as the third step
and i specially use the comb head brush....

i got their blusher
and eye shadow too
the eye shadow has 4 colours
and u use the different shades for different segments of ur eye region to mainly enhance! and this method is really popular in Japan cuz i see alot in the mag from japan! Cool EH!

my buys!

the 1st one is just an empty casing where it comes w a mirror
and compartment for cheek brush and eye shadow brushes...

i am going to eat my awfully chocolate's ice cream now

bought a pint yesterday
and i swear its damn NICE!



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