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Monday, February 04, 2008

i've been tagged!

~Learn Some Facts~

[On the Outside]
Name: Pei Xuan

Birth Date: 9 July '83
Current Status: Attached

Eye Color: black

Hair Color: Black or should i say dark brown...

Righty or Lefty: Righty

[On the Inside]
Your Heritage: Chinese

Your Fear: something more in depth or withing def. not those creepy crawlies or thunder lighting stuff

Your Weakness: fries! milk tea!

Your Perfect Pizza: ham,cheese, mushroom topped it off w some olives. Love the crust!

[Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow]
Your First Thought This Morning: snooze the alarm

Your Last Thought Before Bedtime: did i packed my bag with the right books?

Your Most Missed Memories: Teenage years

[Your Pick]
Pepsi or Coke: hmmmm... almost e same but i'll pick a coke if i were to choose.

McDonalds or Burger King: BK!

Single or Group Dates: single! QUALITY TIME

Adidas or Nike: Nike

Tea or Nestea: Tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! i kinda dislike vanilla

Cappuccino or Coffee: yikes...! i hate coffee and its smell.

[Do You...]
Smoke: Nope. stinko, esp people who smokes indoor and made me smell like a big cigarette! Irresponsible!

Curse: OH YES~ DEFINETELY! U name it heh heh

Take showers: ya...

Have a crush: Not now... used to have plenty.

Think you are in love: yes

Go to school: yes... *stress*

Want to get married: YES!

Believe in yourself: YES!

Think you are a health freak: no!!! or maybe but rarely

[In the Past Month]
Drank alcohol: yes, kinda love it!

Gone to the mall: yes... CNY shopping

Been on stage: Ya! but damn embarrassing!

Eaten sushi: yes! i love sushi!

Dyed your hair: all e time...

[Have You Ever...]
Played a stripping game: No way.

Changed who you were to fit in:probably

You are hoping to be married at the age of:used to be 22 yrs old... but i am 3 years overdue!~

[In a Guy]
Best Eye Color: doesn't matter
Best Hair Color: No prefernece
Short Hair or Long Hair: Short of course!

[What Were You Doing]
1 Min Ago: typing!~
1 Hour Ago: walking to e bus stop after class
4.5 Hours Ago: trying out the fake lashes i bought in sch...

1 Month Ago: how i rem!~? or am i supposed to answer all e 30 days?!~

1 Year Ago: @#$%

[Finish the Sentence]
I Love: to sleep and sing!
I Feel: damn irritated and tired now, aggravated by this tag!
I Hate: hypocrites. (so typical) but its true
I Hide: people i dunno well, to avoid e awkward cheesy hi, bye talks
I Need: more time!

The next 5 victims:
no one

i dun think i want my friends to do this...
so boring eh!


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