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Saturday, February 02, 2008

feeling lazy...

i'm gonna bring you around,

show u my master works

my random photography when i am ULTRA bo liao...

i finished the Tutorial qns given by Ms Kiu!
I created like 5 pages of answers, which i hope is not too exagerrating!
i edited the Grp E's slides as well...

consolidating on Mon and Tues

for the diff groups
to avoid post CNY workload JAM!
feeling a lil relieved that most of it are done.
just the damn research

and i am gonna start my counselling assignment
to think e gal whom i dun really like from my rojak sub group has already completed it!!! OMG... Tsk Tsk really semangat!

this SEMANGAT word is getting too famous!
well, i think i sort of learnt it from AZHAR...

I started using it frequently in poly days
and i brought it to work...
people around me will initially ask like whats tht..
and subsequently, u hear that from em!

i heard that my friend used it at home and her sis brought it to her workplace too!

anyway... i am tired.
but i still gotta help my mum in e BIG MAJOR CLEANING!

just wondering if u guys heard anthing about the controversy of Edison(that super handsome heart throb!) and Gillian from Twins (the pretty one!)

well, they apparently did a rendition of 'NYP TAMMI' together and somehow the pics leaked out and its across e MEDIA! Yup! C.I.T.A!

i saw a few pics!
Edison was ahem, down ... there pleasuring her...
and she looks absoulutely enjoying!
and she badly need like waxing really...
i thought artistes have alot of lobang on WAXING?
anyway... according to some photography experts, the photos dun look like they were being photo shop-ped and according a friend of mine, being in this line, she says it looks real! well well well...

poor Gillian
First, some pics on her changing bra
now this! aND I SWEAR this is WAY juicer than the changing room ones!
FYI Edison has got MANY romantically linked female celeb

so far...
bobo chan, Gillian and Cecilia Cheung's C.I.T.A pics were published...
the lastest Joey Yung

bet the rest are keeping their fingers crossed!
can MSN me for e links to e photos hur hur...
not safe to link here
but damn JUICY!

my WORKS...

This was taken on my last day of work...
Yup and it stinks! (cuz it was turing bad)
its used by the new junior eye drs to learn stitching...
my dad used to be a butcher(i used to be quite paisei abt it)
and he says he will give one particular dr free too!

i am so surprised that the mannequins in NYP now GOT ANG MO!
Haa... blond!
and i missed em!
it din used to have caucasians
and when i reached e lab, besides taking pic of this special one
i reached for the 'bulge' to feel if 'its' there!
i missed it!
we used to detach the penis and play around with it haha
but the ones in e lab i went were all eunuch!
if i see one, i will take a pic

what i am doing is so not right
but this girl has very very bad dress sense
this particular top is like e joke of the whole lecture group!
(270 students)

cuz my many common friends often talks about it
even my rojak tutorial group mates are laughing!
she is in Audrey's group... haa maybe should ask her to counsel her!
she has worn it like at least three times since sch started...
it means once per week, she likes it alot

i styled my mum today!
damn stylo right
her belt, shoes, bag and tights are mine
only her lingerie and top is her own
her CNY image

i just came back from his sister's 21st bday party at downtown east
thts her cake
she asked for it, and his bro got it for her
$114 ok!
its voluptuous but damn creamy
i hate cream

today i went to amkch and acc him,
cuz his granny was d/c from hospital
well, its really tedious taking care of a sick person when u noe nuts abt nursing
i assisted em and i even help changed her pampers
his mum was terrified by the 'dirty job'
but i dun really mind since, i believe in caring someone as a whole...
i think she will face difficulties at home

she still needs rehab, intensely
her ambulation is impaired due to stroke
and she doesn't really coordinate her footworks well...
its rather dangerous
and she has REDNESS at her buttock already lor


TTSH bad care... hur hur
heard a couple of complaints too
well i guess ultimately,
it all depends on e integrity of the nurses
if i believe in doing the best for everyone, naturally patients will benefit a great deal. However, if we dun, its lousy care plus reflects really badly on e organization as a whole, and i would say quite big impacts!

choosing this profession was not by choice at first
but staying on is...
i believe those who are still in this line does have that lil bit of interest
i hope we can provide quality care whole heartedly
thats compassion... it comes from within
when u have your close ones requiring this kinda services and help,
you can see for yourself the way different people do things.

i believe their mindset are heavily influenced by their work cultures
hence they have more laments and find it more impt than patients...
just speaking of it as a whole
and not targeting that hospital


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