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Friday, February 01, 2008

can u believe it!

i have been sitting here, in front of e damn pc
from 6 plus in e evening till now 3.30am

i have been doing some consolidation of the info my group members found
there is still 1 more to do, guess i will do it tmr,
and right after cny we are presenting

my left hand is numb again!
must be the typing...

anyway, its gonna be a rushing weekend,
gotta clear my house
complete my homeworks
some shopping

i haven slept well since i started schooling
i see prominent dark circles
i've aged...

anyway, sunday i'll treat myself for some indulging spa pedicure and manicure
cost a bomb tho but a small treat for myself for the sufferings i went thru
the entire month.

the notes are all over now
i am too lazy to clear
do it tmr...

new band to intro!

they are called DA ZUI BA

they resembles black eye peas
and the lead female singer is AISA from sunday girls...

find a few of their tracks quite catchy!

this one talks about ambulance damn cute

the more typical song...

but i realised ALL JAPANESE girls sing the same way
they sing like they got really bad flu
super blocked nose
and mucous filled
and focus on head voice and sometimes a lil like screech!
hur hur


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