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Sunday, February 03, 2008

i want to go travelling!

i have been really 'ON' in checking emails
now i noe why he is so concerned about emails.

i need to know if there's any updates or new work to do from my group mates electronically!

just now when i just logged in,
i chanced upon a rather striking link that says like cheaper hotel rates for Bangkok
the 25 and bangkok seems more obvious
but when i filter it, it actually says like 25 bucks cheaper
but i still clicked

THEN i saw one
free Disneyland tics if we purchase via their site to HONG KONG

I think i wanna go back Hong Kong again
cuz i feel i wasn't really travelling the last time i went
i missed out alot of their culture which i did not even explore and experience!

hence i wanna go again
furthermore Disneyland is just too magical and interesting
the shops there just makes u spent more and more!
and the last time i went HK i visited Disneyland but the entry tic was 7O BUCKS!
SO I SORT OF decided against visiting Disneyland hk again

Inside Yahoo! Singapore Travel

Bangkok Special

Get $25 off your Bangkok hotel booking! Promotion ends 29 Feb.
ยป Book Hotels on Yahoo! Travel


he got us a HUGE HAMPER!
he is so sweet

so costly man

it consist of
a can of abalone (2 inside)
a can of shark fin i think
a packet of bird nest
a box of dried scallops
a packet of mushroom
and some stuff which i have forgotten

then his mum thinking that he is so careless
gave me another can of abalone and a box of oranges and a packet of YU PIAO
on his behalf!

feel so so so so pai sei
cuz i merely gave em like a box of cookies
a packet of cute cute japanese snacks
a packet of sweets that resembles oranges

and i GOLDEN RAT ornament with sweets inside

so stingy like that sigh...

did spring cleaning
managed to cover half of my room only shall continue either mon or tues

will post some findings i got from spring cleaning when i am free
some pics to share


V day gift!
Its damn BIG
But spoilt but its ok la
its the thought that counts

and a radio that looks like a mic
(esplanade type of mic)

so cool!



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