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Friday, April 13, 2007

real dumb? or faux~

i realised lately, in general, there is a growin trend youngsters who used sign languages to communicate... was in mac earlier on, though the few i saw werent exactly YOUNG but they were communicatin w each other in hand signs and BITCHIN ard lor! DAMN... they were like literally lookin or observin at whoever steps into tht particular zone and starts makin eye contacts w each other and u noe wad, obviously sneering... i duno. And thn gazing back to the target. I gt it too while munchin fugly-ly on my foldover!

Bei thinks tht i m over reactin, but think abt it, wld a GENUINE MUTE be so bitchy.... dun they have better things to do, than hangin ard MAC and u noe wad... and i was so hopin tht one of their mobile will ring, well i missedit whn one of em left to get a drink, BUT i did hear e onli guy inside talked! HMMPH! Mission accomplished...

whoohpee... lil xavier is popin out reali soon... dilated @ 3 cm hehe... I will go KKH cm w my CUTIE LIL BODYSUIT, MITTENS AND MILKY BOTTLE!!!

@@ If it was asked nicely and nt in a interogatin manner, i wld be very glad to render my help. But i thought e gestures werent exactly sincere... i duno if i m being too sensitive and narrow hearted, but i believe to help, all it requires is tht simple polite call and i wld be most glad to assist. Some ppl are just nt meant to be w u for long... furthermore i hate it whn ppl instruct me to... maybe i m spoilt as wad he says, YES I M! SO be nice, and i'll be nice back. I aint perfect!


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