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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

cant help feeling slpy...

my fave ppl at wrk!^^^^^^

aft i left bei's hse this morn due to his meeting, gtta wake up at 8 plus... went mac alone for breakie haa_ bagel meal, read my mag there and hm i went, watched e repeat drama frm cable and slpt till almost 5. CONtented w the no of hrs but still rather tired

bei came and helped my mummy e-file and we went amk hub to get my wallet.

dammit... i m blogging so typically! MY WHOLE DAY ROUTINES! DAMN

WAs rather upset w certain treatments that we recieved. Well i m nt gonna mention names here but i believe many a times it doesn pay to be kind. Aniwae if the person noes wat i m talkin abt and who i m referring to, this person will noe i m there just for u!

I cant stand un-productive workers! I cant stand ppl in my life who thinks they are MISS- KNOW- ALL! Well again no names mentioned, if u believed its u, its just all fictional made up by me! haa

well i supposed i just had too many laments and lil reflections aniwaes gtta go 4 the badminton again tomolo... best of luck to us man!

had some SECRETS SUFFOCATIONS lately, heard some shockin news which i m nt supposed to tell. I believe i gossip alot w my frens but if its nt meant to be said i wont! OK I WONT!

BUt i find it rather happiy ppl approaches me to talk hee!


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