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Saturday, April 07, 2007


ice- calem!
i love him

cute eh....

uploaded twice~ nvm u can nv get enuff of pretty gal
he says he is imitatin wei lian e blind superstar
act cute_saw my disfigured pimply face~
there r monsters behind him_F4 WANANABES
who hangs out in one big group w all e same hair~

i asked him to pretend reading sms
i made him smile at his msges :)
oops i din noe theres one more here~

photo whore pose_1
photo whore pose_2
photo whore pose_3

duno photo shop so i use my finger to make my eyes equal in size~
damn nt N-A-T-U-R-A-L
Spent alot at ktv ytd w bei... 2 pax 60 bucks ne ne... BUT we had fun. Once again mesmerised by his enchantin vocal~ Its been long since we last sang together and a while since we spent quality time together.... its weird lookin at him just alone but i noe i still LOVE HIM~ Muacks....
he is e one whom i cried to whn i was so sad, he din probe much... And we had fun takin pic at cine's HK CAFE~

i M MEetin EB at 5... i m still bloggin at 4.29, nt ready yet!


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