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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


was supposed to go ECP 2day to FLY KITE as in reali flyin a kite, LAYANG. And thn BBQ aft tht. E must anticipated BBQ since we din even proceeded w it tht day.

While shoppin for food, it started poring damn heavily... sigh its the 2nd time man. Its either Bei or me who's jinx.... There goes layang-ing, but luckily we found a shelter so unload our stuffs and i went to pee, and gt some ice and whn i came back bei actualli moved to a bench outside cuz it stopped rainin... but DAMN... the dark clouds came along and it started drizzlin again lor... luckily we cooked all e stuffs le.

Went PArkway parade and met an old colleague, she wrks at a shop tht sells baby clothes, heh just nice was supposed to be LIPING'S newborn's godma, so gt lil XAVIER a cute baby suit and a cute lil mittens, gt 30% off haa so in other wrds the mittens was free!~

called her up and still no signs of contractions... must awaited labour hasnt even present w signs... cantwait man... hurry hurry! I was tellin her i prepared all e stuffs liao but she haven even deliver! I gt a super cute milk bottle too, whn u shake it ther is a roller ball w sound, haa can use it to pesify the baby whn he crys! wahahahaha

boring posts... i was just readin my someone's blog and i tot she was so act cute and so boring... well e photo shops and her ex make up did make her tht tad lil bit kawaii, and japanese or jolin-ese but her posts and pics are BORING...

PERharps i think i m joinin her clan, w my recent random boredom except tht i noe nUTS abt photo editin and i m too gorgeous to be kawaii~~~ -_-'''


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