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Saturday, March 31, 2007

lost w pride.

well went 4 the tournament and lost but w pride cuz we din even practised b4 and it was like e first time we played 2gether.

aft the match yesterday, met u with my gd'ol pals... eb, hw and guaz, was walkin along boat quay supposedly goin to our latest fave place- mind cafe BUT had to eat our dinner so settled along CURRY HSE north indian cuisine.

Coincidentally my bro was there. And guaz fren called up and thts onli whn he realised he haven gt the item he was supposed to pass to his fren outta his shop so we acc him back reluctantly but i m glad we did~

he is wrkin in a bridal shop. So we went there at like 11 plus, the shop was super nice!!! Thn so cosy and comfy and guess wad EB And me went on a tring spree~!!~!! MY gosh, initially we were hesitant cuz guaz said we wont get married if we wear the gowns whn we r nt married but we ignored the superstitious beliefs and heck la~

hahahaha... so so so so so so fun!!! The beautiful wedding white gowns w assessories. Ive gt a tiara!~~ hahahahahaha

i m still so excited. Will post the pics once hw send me~

ha ha ha ha so so so fun... but was a lil worried tho cuz i think he was nt allowed to do tht oops~


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