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Monday, April 02, 2007

totally worn out!

my gosh, i am reali exhausted frm the past few days' activities. As in ACTIVE-TIES

Well saw my ol' pallies EOD... we met on thurs, sat and sun.

had a amazing time and many new pics will upload soon.

Was supposed to meet e pallies in e eve on sat but sth happened to EB, and we met a lil early. RElationship woes. In this kinda situations, the rest of us, no doubt being her close frens are in no positions to tell her or instruct her on wad to do nxt etc etc

Its mainly btw the two of em... problems tends to arise in any other relationships, i believe its up to us on hw we view the unsolved issues or the key problem...

i'll nt quote her example nor will i explain wad actually happens, but the other 3 of us have already presented our say re: the issue. Esp in my case... i dun think i will want to influence her decisions... lets just wait for the calling frm god, i believe the next moves will be guided. A cool-off phase is badly needed... think of wad u want in a relationship. Think of whether u met ur goals in this relationship and think of whether this is the kind of life u want.

i noe of a fren who spent 11 yrs on relationships w 3 diff men onli to be still single nw. if its me, i wld think i wasted my youth and hw many more 2-3 yrs we still can afford to explore new ppl, explore new loves and getting to noe more ppl!

lets just be ojective rather thn subjective... think of it as the big situation.

I too worries abt wad will happen to me and wad will happen to us... we r happy in this current state but can we maintain like this 4ever? No one noes... compromise is A BIG thing to keep things going... i noe all thses preach may sound like i am some LOVE GURU but its all tried and tested, i fell and gt up too many times nursin broken pieces of heart and mendin em back... the fallen pieces are old and fragile tht i try my best to keep it glued...

Just a few wks back, i nursed a patient frm australia, the lady had a very wrenching medical history... but her husband stayed w her thruout the painful ordeal... he hid his sorrows by kidding ard w us, crackin jokes but i noe deep dwn inside he is tryin to put up a brave front. In this kinda instance hw many will stay by their other half as swore in e marriage vows?

I was sharing w my bf sometime ago aft i thought abt the above couple. I was just makin a statement rather than make him promise me or some shit.

i told him to imagine myself being paralysed, wad will become of us. I will be bed bound... he still has a life to con't. Will he visit me often and talk to me as much and share w me wad he has done. I noe its nt fair to keep him or make him stay by me and fend for me, i wld let him go and con't his normal life outside. But if he does so, and if he tells me tht he has a new gf and stuffs hw will i feel? I tot i felt tears welling in my eyes but i din form eventually... he was sayin i'm too negative but i tot abt tht cux i think i feel alot for e couple... they might think besides wadever stupid arguments made in e past, its nt as gd as bring back the healthy her, regaini her sight, her normal limbs functions....

thts life... treasure wad we hv in front of us... its nt abt recieving... Givin takes alot of courage as well... We nv noe wads valuable until we lose it.


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