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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RANDOM boring updates...

the below posts was wad i read in a forwarded email, errrr to be precise, DAMN CHAIN LETTER FRM MASLINNA!~ U noe i realised there arent ppl who send me emails regularly mainly becuz i presume :

  • i dun 4ward mails(back)
  • i dun initiate em
  • they get upset and unloved.
  • i esp hate cute emails
  • i esp hate 4warded cutesy stuffs
  • i hate animals pics~
  • cuz they are boring
  • take long time to freakin load
  • i dun recieve much aniwaez

OK... oopS e ppl who still send me emails once in a blue moon will prob put a STOP aft this freakin post or maybe no one even reads my blog. BUT pls still send me k! HAA hw cheap.

Aniwae, yes back to the CHAIN thingy, well some names onli are affliated w e damn chains, which i tot had long extinct and forgtten but STILL U NOE, there are ppl who associates interesting true phrases w these BOROING CHILDISH SO NT SCARY CURSE too bad i dun believe yea...

See i told u its random even the topic change gets random...

Starts w SAT, met up e EB, WEnt BAR HOPPING! Cool!~ LEMME announce THE CANNERY is DA place man!

MoS did well;

CLINIC IS kool! W e syringe shots and DRIP drinks! Yes w kinky nurses which i so hate cuz they disgraces my profession. Ordered 2 syringes shots w like 30 mls eaCH of something mix w sth la... NICE! And the waiter was like do u need a nurse to serve u, i was like NO, I DUN... I think its more for e guys(chee ko peks i was thinking) and apparently, i saw them feedin e guys frm e syringes w their ugly kinky uniform! YEeee... but overall e concept was cool!

BarFly; another cool place we went, GORGEOUS decor excellent service frm this gal which EB says likes me cuz she treats me reali nice, haa...

FashionBAR; will try soon

GEOGRAPHER club; haa... they had like thai who performs mainly songs in all sorts of languages and mostly mandarin... rowdy place but interestin... i kinda like tht place too, Saw the SUPERSTAR(s) CONTETSTANTS there nth fantastic though more of errrr...

aniwae CHECK OUT the cannery k! COOL COOL COOL!

goin KL and GENTING again; early may... booked! Like no where else to go like tht sigh... goin w 2 other couples but onli noe one gal... hopefully it will be alrt.

its too random, wanna stop.

oHHHH.... I experience RUBBISH DUMP MOUTH frm this PRC student nurse in my ward! It so doesnt faciliate me teachin her cuz i simply cannot tahan her SMELL! ARhhhhhhhhhh faintz


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