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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

much anticipated!

well, the much anticipated which i wont say LONG off day is here... after today's pathetic one day i gtta wait till my 4 nights ends on next fri morning and thn off. Sianz..

went bei's hse ytd, finally watched mr bean. More or less e same plot same tricks, as usual i nap awhile in btw the movie haa prob i was way too tired gt so into my HK DRama and watched 2 plus e day b4 and gt up at 5 plus to wrk thn gt mASSIVE SUDDEN DISCHARGES~

I'VE been havin some difficulties communicating w certain types of ppl nt onli lately and evrytime. i shall nt go into details tho cuz i wld be too long winded and i m too slpy nw aniwae but i shall just end it off w its prob diff freq~

aniwaez was reali excited w the pix i gt it posted e prev prev times haa
so funny!!!!!


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