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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday i went MOF= Ministry of Food with EB

its this rather new japanese food...
and i tell u the dessert is NICE!!!

THINKING about it now makes me crave for it again!

the one i circled is actually vanilla ice cream with macha flavoring and served with my fave SWEET POTATO!!!

And the ice cream is cold while the sweet potato is sort of fried!

and the combie is magical!


and this place is pretty cool cuz they gave u a slip of paper like the size of vouchers and gives u instruction on how to eat the dessert best!

yesterday morning i went with Angela and Coral for Dim Sum at the really LOK chinatown area... Chin Swee Road
apparently this place is very famous

but somehow i find it really ok only

i prefer Yum Cha tho...

speaking of going out with EB
knowing that Hanz is bz struggling with mugging hard for his final last two paper and he will done and over with for the studying part...

we decided to go surprise him at his place
i called him pretending to be needing to talk to him
and was sure he is still burning oil

and then we rush to the opp shop and save, thankfully its 24hrs

and got him 2 cans of coffee..
original and mocha

one can of birds nest

one pkt of SOUR sweets

2 cup noodles (cuz promo la! haha)

to perk him up if he feels sleepy!!!

and we got this fake bread frm action city and the new range of fake breads is diff from the one i got which is Bun like...

the one we got him is a slice
and can write a msg
so we wrote him a JIA YOU AND Gd Luck!

Threw into his window!
and guess what he got a HUGE SHOCK
AND his dog Ruby started barking!

hahahaha he tot it was some prank!

but even without our goodies he shld be wode awake still cuz i guess he was concentrating more on STAR MOVIES than notes!

our dear horsey EB had diarrhoea and we had to crash at his place for a lil while
and i heard cats meowing...

at first i tot ruby was calling
but turns out his bro has got 2 kittens!

they were calling cuz it was hungry~
fed milk

and i was thinking
i am really not cat lovers
i worry nw
when the cats grow up!!!


Under one roof?

i pose this dumb qns...
i asked em if
the dog can mate with a cat

and give birth to a mix breed!

if human can have mix blood why cant Animals have!!!


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